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YAVŞAN TUZLASI salt crude produced; CONTENT OF 98% (NaCl) comprises NATURAL SALT,


Completely produced using natural methods.

Some of the sectors of use:

  • Food and Cooking: Food industry, industrial, and all branches are used as food additives in the production stage. Also indispensable in kitchens.
  • Textiles: Spinning, dyeing are used in a very important part of the regeneration and water.
  • Against anti-icing: In our country, to fight the snow of winter to be difficult due to, highways, and municipalities have used the crude salt.
  • Leather: Leather is a very important part of salting and storing.

  • Chemistry: A lot of the foundation of chemistry, the detergent sector, such as liquid detergents used in slimming and dishwashers, the largest chemical enterprises can be used in parsing.
  • Health: Serum notably, dialysis units and has an important role in drug production.
  • Water Regeneration: Water treatment systems, sewage treatment, and is used in large enterprises.
  • Feed Industry: Large, small bass feed manufacturing industries producing animal feed and salt is used as chicken feed.



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