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ACIGÖL, located in Afyon and Denizli Provinces and Dazkırı sınarları, Başmakçı, covering the districts of Arbour With a surface area of ​​21 000 ha, the sea height 836 meters. A shallow depth ranging from 150 cm to 210 cm lake. The lake surface flows from the mountains, spring water coming from the east Başmakçı Kocaçay'ın is fed. Acıgöl, Salt Lake, the second largest saltwater lake in Turkey.




And at the same time healing the source of sea salt is very useful.

Under the name of the real salt sea salt found in nature, and natural salt,

sea salt, which is chemically much more elements, element 84 is located in conjunction with NaCl.

Our bodies are composed of a combination of salt and water.

Therefore, the most important of our lives, are used in the water and salt.

Natural salt has all the elements to be included in our physical body,

and any element in the body present it is known that the salt is missing.

Sea salt and most of the essential minerals for the human body includes the required proportions.



Some, such as salt lakes can be a part of the ancient sea beds in the large depressions,

rock surrounding areas through salts, the salt water collected pits are formed.

During the summer months winning a high density the water evaporates,

the salt pans as if they become pools of sea water concentration.


Salt-water lakes, salt water sources and wells are found in almost every country.

Great Salt Lake, the largest salt lake in the world.

Central Anatolia salt lakes in the Salt Lake is one of the most important in the world. As almost a pure salt from salt lakes. .


RIFAT ÜÇLEROĞLU Inc. are produced in the salt lake that obtained from the Salt Lake Besides table salt, refined salt, tablet salt, as salt in the food industry has a lot of product variety that will serve the sector.







Mines, in its purest form is rarely found in nature.

Place under the "sprout" into compounds called the crude mines,

processing and extracting foreign substances (after refining) was

developed into a pure metal are made available.



More or less salt water than on land with rock salt rivers, wells, and lakes,

there are sources. In general, their salts of the source rock.

Groundwater flows passing through a layer of rock salt, by dissolving a portion of the salts in its structure,

well and brings the earth into rivulets.





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