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Which will be used for the salt to the selection of white cheese in brine and the brine of salt to be short of food industry salt cut out the amount of time he produced pasteurized cheese in brine is changed periodically, structural, visual, and other tatsal Changes the properties. Must be pasteurized and safe water, especially good pickled. Cheese spreaders cheese sprinkled on top homogenized on a crispy cheese salt and salt must have a structure should be distributed. Fast on cheese salt Serpeme product melting at a very slow melting of damage. Very slowly melt the salt on the surface of the cheese to a single point of light is absorbed yellow spots may occur. Quick-soluble salt can lead to crusting. For these reasons, use of the salt brine clean food industry salt and cheese that does not incur a loss of baume sprinkle salt on top of the salt in the food industry clean and crisp important that the cheese in the average structure of the progression.





Placenta from the MCC, or half of the shell işlemiş black olives 1-2 are subject to an election before the wounded, decay, the color is divided into open ones. After washing the containers filled with olives. Drained weight is placed on a clean and filled with 10% brine. Thus began the destruction of bitterness and eating olives please indicate fermentation takes 7-9 months to arrive. During this time the salt level falls to 10% of salt is completed by the controls.


The nuts produced by the food industry are produced in different calibrations salts.

According to the product sector and regional consumption patterns and Nuts product, tuzlamasında,

color and show a small change in process.

Bring a different charm to the product produced salt Nuts,

peanut products, such as soymamalı bark, nuts are packed into packaging poured,

must be efficient and nuts kavrulurken direct bonding ratio lekelendirmemelidir





Material for frizz into the flour, sugar, salt, oil and foodstuffs,

the statute of After joining of one or more other substances permitted kneaded with water,

techniques in accordance with the process,

obtained by shaping and cooking Made in a bakery that. Different shapes and flavors offered for sale.



 In general, acid and base salts are known compounds, as a result of reactions.

Salts have a very large area. Textiles and textile boyacılığında education of the various processes of cellulose,

protein, and dyeing of synthetic fibers of different groups of dyes amount of salt consumed.

Textile fabrics, particularly cotton reactive boyacılığında flotteye dyeing dyestuffs are added too much salt.


Today, in every industrial facility, and "Water Softening Equipment" devices also called an "ion Changer "is. These devices are located within the ion exchange resin. Table salt, or "saline" that were regenerated with resins and hardness in water, which is called the calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) is sudan ions, replace them in salt water, NaCl, sodium (Na) gives the ion. As a result, the water hardness is taken, Sodium content is increased, but the water, ie water, not divided, and the water does not change the amount of mineral water conductivity does not change, or even slightly increased. With the external appearance of the water softening device, similar to but any other resins in the "fully demineralized" or "deionized water" device, called Devices can be free of minerals and water.



Abrasive all kinds of marble, granite and tile etching, polishing,

pahlanması and honing operations and manufacturers used different produced by chemical products.

Common uses abrasive manufacturers salt of the abrasive material.

Abrasive process in the aqueous creates pores in the abrasive salt melts during processing.

Thanks to the pores of the desired abrasive abrasive income dimensions.

The most important point Abrasive salt impurities in salt lack. If there is

foreign matter in Salt polishing the ground is drawn process.





Skin covering the animal's body loses strength after yüzüldükten.

Leather is more than half the weight of the water content.

That is a 10-pound skin, 6.5 weight is water. Germs love to the environment such wet-wet.

Therefore, microbes, and more skins is contaminated with blood of impurities They multiply quickly.

Already losing the durability of leather, or attacked by microbes suffer too much.

First it smells, looking around, rotten eggs and toilet emit odor.

Then he begins to deterioration in the structure of the skin, skin firmness thoroughly lost.

Is no longer possible to properly take advantage of such a deep no.

So I cut animals, hides and skins to protect them well after withdrawn for the salt required.






Snow and ice, rain, affects more than the traffic. Snow, blocking the driver's visibility and

melting ice in the possibility of becoming, in particular at night, it is very dangerous.

Combating icing salt, a good solution.

Snow salt, anti-icing salt, road salt, which is called names like the salt used insnow-fighting

many public institutions and organizations related to prefer products RIFATÜÇLEROĞLU SALT.





According to the Turkish Food Codex-Communiqué edible salt, edible salt, sodium chloride,

the main substance (sodium chloride content should be at least 98% dry matter),

the crude salt human salts produced in accordance with the consumption of nature.

Edible salt, table salt and food industry the salts used are divided into two.

Table salt directly presented to the consumer, fine powder been converted into,

or dont rich enriched with iodine, refined or not edible salts.

Table salt production is carried out as ÜÇLEROĞLU RIFAT SALT.






The hidden enemy of dishwashers and lime washed the dishes.

dishes machines used in the "Washing Machine Salts" as a simple treatment system works.

Reduces the hardness of the water. I've used network Dishwasher salt destroys the lime juice.





One of the main actors in the chemical industry, salt.

A well-known chemicals There is the root of most of the salt.

Important reasons for the existence of the salt chemical industry;

being cheap, so the production, he is safe and easy to obtain sort.

Sodium and chloride are separated building blocks of various chemicals is generated.


Due to the nature of salt gelling agent liquid products (liquid soap, shampoo, liquid detergent etc.)

The increase in buoyancy due to the water separator, various chemical benefits, etc.

reactions to produce various products. Chemical industry direct products and is used as an excipient.







Years since 2000 has not changed the fundamental process of soap making.

In this method, solid, or liquid oils party party (dotted), including an alkali soaps with,

and then adding salt to the mixture, separated from a mixture of soap.





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